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Welcome to the EDMARK INTERNATIONAL (BG) EOOD (“Edmark”) website.

This website is controlled by Edmark International Bulgaria (“Edmark BG” or “we”).  This website privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) describes how we use the personal data you have provided us with. The Policy describes what methods are applied by and for what purposes Edmark and our service providers process the information collected by you for your contracting or service through the website: (“The Website”).

We process your personal information in accordance with the privacy and data protection laws in force in the European Union and the Republic of Bulgaria.


Important note!

We invite you to read this Policy carefully. It provides important information about how we handle personal data and explains your legal rights. This Policy is not intended to change the terms of any agreement entered into with us, or the rights you have under the applicable data protection laws.

By providing your personal data or using the Website, you trust us and voluntarily accept the terms of this Privacy Policy.


Edmark BG, collects and processes personal data of individuals, our clients, contractors, or other contacts on the Bulgarian market and not only that market (given the specifics of our activity). We are aware of the responsibility we have, to take care of and protect your personal data, to comply with the applicable privacy and data protection legislation.


Edmark BG, acting as Controller, is responsible for the proper and lawful processing of the personal data you provide when signing contracts or using services through the Website or other of our services.

If you would like to contact us on any questions regarding this Policy, please use the following forms of contact: Phone: +359 28888889, Email:


Edmark BG may process your personal data in the following cases:

  • If you contact us directly, for example, by visiting our office or filling out a Website contact form or by calling our customer service numbers to request information about our products and services.

  • If you provide your personal data when signing a contract with us;

  • If you answer our direct marketing campaigns, for example by filling in a survey card or otherwise;


If you provide information on behalf of another person, you must make sure that person has been provided with this Privacy Policy and that the requirements of applicable law has been met before you provide the information.

If you are under the age of 14, please do not provide any of your information unless you have the permission of a parent or guardian to

do so. We ask for your support to keep your information up-to-date by informing us of any changes in your personal data.


Depending on whether you are a client, a contractor, and what services you use, the following categories of personal data may be collected by and for you:

  • Regarding physical identity - name, Personal Identity Number, identity card or identity document, address, telephone, e-mail address;

  • Regarding your economic identity - financial status, information about bank accounts;


Use of the Website - the date and time of your visit; how many and what pages you look at during your visit and how long your stay there is; the name of your internet domain (this may be your ISP) and the 'IP' address (this is a number attached to your computer when browsing the Internet) that allows you to access our site; the Internet browser you are using (e.g., MS Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) and your computer's operating system (eg Windows 8.1); the site you were in before contacting website (e.g., Google if you have found us with this search engine).


The processing of your personal data, in accordance with current Bulgarian legislation and the principles of the European Union General Directive on Protection of Information, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation EU/2016/679 („the Regulation“) must be justified according to one of several legal bases under the Regulation. We are required to state the reasons for each use of your data as follows:

Purpose: Exercising of Edmark’s BG rights and obligations arising from contracts entered into with you;

  • Reason for processing: execution of a contract within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) (b) of the Regulation or compliance with a legal obligation within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) (c) of the Regulation;


Purpose: Implementation of financial and accounting activities by Edmark BG in and on the occasion of the contracts concluded with you, including: receiving and ordering amounts due on bank accounts, issuing invoices;

  • Reason for processing: execution of a contract within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) (b) of the Regulation or compliance with a legal obligation within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) (c) of the Regulation;


Purpose: To maintain correspondence with potential, current and former Edmark BG clients and customer service, including to answer your questions and fulfill your requests, such as sending you requested documents or email notifications; to send you important information and/or other administrative notices on the Website relationships with us or change our terms or policies;


  • Reason for processing: execution of a contract within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) (b) of the Regulation; or compliance with a legal obligation within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) (c) of the Regulation; or explicit consent of any entity within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) (a) of the Regulation or the legitimate interests of the controller within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) (f) of the Regulation;


Purpose: Direct marketing with regard to potential, current and former clients of the Controller;

  • Reason for processing: explicit consent of each subject within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) (a) of the Regulation or the legitimate interests of the controller within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) (f) of the Regulation;

You may object to the processing of your personal data for this purpose or withdraw your consent to receive marketing communication and direct marketing at any time with effect in the future by submitting the objection or notice of withdrawal to Edmark BG by email/ phone contact listed above.


Purpose: For our business purposes, such as data analysis, certifications, developing new models, improving our Website, improving our products and services, identifying Web site development trends, developing a personalized environment on the Website by introducing products and offers that are customized for your personal needs or measure the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns.


  • Reason for processing: Edmark’s BG legitimate interests.


Edmark’s BG legitimate interest in providing first-rate products and services is in line with the client’s interests and therefore complies with the requirements of the applicable Bulgarian data protection legislation and sufficient grounds for its processing. Clients expect a high quality of Edmark’s BG products and services. In order to meet these expectations, continuous monitoring and quality improvement, as well as the development or supply of new products and services are needed.

* Providing personal data in compliance with the law

Edmark BG, as a Controller, is subject to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. In some cases, this may require the providing and/or disclosure of your personal data when required by law, upon request and/or, if necessary, by third parties - government agencies, bodies, institutions and departments, banks and institutions within the scope of their competence and observing the provisions of the Regulation, the Data Protection Act and other provisions of the Bulgarian legislation. Whenever possible, we will direct such a request to you or notify you before we answer, unless it is a matter of preventing or detecting a crime.

* Providing personal data to third parties, including personal data processors

The personal data we collect may be provided for processing to third parties acting on their behalf or on behalf of Edmark BG in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation and in ensuring the protection of the rights of the data subjects. Your personal data may be processed by companies providing Edmark BG with services such as IT support, IT hosting, and so on.

* Transfer of data to countries outside the European Economic Area

Edmark BG carries on such a transfer, but only to the extent necessary for registration and creation of your distributor's profile. This transfer does not affect clients in any way. As far as this is concerned, Edmark BG complies with all requirements for the transfer of data outside the EEA required by the Regulation, applying the relevant provisions to the recipients of this data.


We protect personal data in strict compliance with applicable Bulgarian legislation and the principles of the European Union Framework Directive on the protection of information and personal data (including Regulation EU/ 2016/679).

Your information is stored on our secure servers or on secure servers of our subcontractors or business partners (or, in certain cases, the information is also stored on paper, subject to the necessary safeguards). Information is available and used in accordance with our security policies and standards (or those of our subcontractors or business partners), always in compliance with applicable laws and necessary safeguards.

While we cannot guarantee that data transmission over the Internet or the Website is free from cyber-attacks, we and our business partners are working hard to maintain physical, personal, documentary and automated information systems protection measures for your data in accordance with the applicable legislation. For example, we apply the following measures:


  • strictly limited access of our employees and subcontractors to your data provided only in case of necessity of knowledge and in view of realization of the goals for which they are being processed and based on the necessity of knowing;

  • Personal data is stored electronically in databases or in shared folders protected by passwords or with different degrees of authorization; surveillance and protection against viruses; creating copies and backups for recovery; systems also store logs with history of document operations;

  • All paper papers that may contain your personal data are stored at Edmark’s BG office;

  • There is 24-hour security at Edmark’s BG sites where personal data are processed; fire protection, physical access control procedures have been introduced;

  • Edmark’s BG personal data processing staff is familiar with the requirements of valid legislation, Edmark’s BG policies, the existing risks and scenarios for their action.

There is also contractual protection under contracts with third parties - processing personal data on behalf of Edmark BG.


We store your data for as long as necessary for the purpose for which we received it. If your data is processed for two purposes, we will keep those data for as long as the goal with a longer processing period is met; but we will stop processing for that purpose with a shorter period after this shorter period.

We restrict access to your data to those individuals who have to process them for that purpose.

Under certain circumstances, we may hold your personal data for longer periods of time in order to have a record of your relationship with us in case of complaints or disputes or if we reasonably believe that there is a possibility of litigation in respect of which your personal data will be needed.

Storage periods are based on our business needs and according to the applicable legislation. Personal data that is no longer needed is anonymous (anonymous data may be retained, but they are no longer in contact with you) or destroyed


You have certain rights in relation to your personal data, such as the right to:

  • Ask us to provide you with further details on how your data is used;

  • Ask us to give you access to your personal data and provide you with a copy thereof;

  • get the personal data that concerns you and provide us with a structured, widely used and machine readable format, and where technically possible - transfer this data to another administrator without hindrance if the processing of your data is based on your consent or contract and is performed by automated means;

  • Ask us to update any inaccuracies in the data we store and correct / update it;

  • Ask us to delete or anonymous any data about you for which we no longer have a legitimate reason to process;

  • When processing is based on consent and in relation to direct marketing, you may withdraw your consent to stop this particular processing from the outset;

  • Oppose any processing for the purpose of automating individual decisions (including profiling) when it is of major concern to you;

  • you ask us to restrict the processing of your data, e.g. while investigating a complaint


You may file a request for the exercise of your rights to Edmark in one of the following ways: on the spot, by mail, e-mail, telephone or fax.

Any request, inquiry, or request is accepted, examined, we check your legitimacy and right you wish to exercise and respond within one month of receipt. In more complex cases or when receiving multiple requests, this period may be extended by a further two months, and we will inform you. If there are reasons why the request will not be fulfilled, we will give these reasons to the petitioner in writing.

The exercise of these rights is subject to certain exceptions, for example when the public interest is to be protected (for example, in preventing or detecting crimes) or our interests or the rights and freedoms of others.

If you have any questions regarding the processing of your data, please contact us through the contact details listed above (Monday - Friday from 09:00 to 18:00).

If you are not satisfied with the processing of your data or our response to the exercise of these rights, you are entitled to submit a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Commission at: Sofia 1592, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov № 2; tel .: 02 / 91-53-518, website: Please be prompted to try to resolve the problem with us, for which we will assist you, although you have the right to contact the Privacy Commission at any time.


Processing of cookies

Cookies are small text files that some websites store on your computer or mobile device.


With this Website, cookies are used to improve the performance of your browser. Edmark takes maximum care of your personal data and information stored by cookies and your seamless processing of all the functionality of the Website.


Manage and delete cookies

You can accept or reject cookies by changing the settings of your browser. If cookies are disabled, you may not be able to use all of the interactive features on this Website.


Most current browsers allow control of cookies through saved browser settings.


Cookies help:

Making our Website work according to your expectations;

Remember your settings during visits

Continually improve our Website for you.


We do not process cookies for:

 Collecting personally identifiable information - we will always ask for your explicit permission if we ever want to collect such information;

Collect sensitive information without your explicit consent.

The processing of cookies falls into several categories:

Web site cookies features

We process cookies to make our Website work better. For example, we save information after logging in once on the Website so you do not have to sign in again each time you visit a different page / menu during your session. After you exit or close the browser, the session cookies will be deleted.


Analytical cookies

Analytics uses cookies to collect statistics that help us improve our Website. Unless you provide us with explicit information by filling out a form or calling us, all the data collected from the analytical programs is stored anonymously, and we only see common values ​​rather than specific individual data.

Examples include:

• How you came to our Website (for example, from a search engine, advertisements, etc.);

• The actions you perform on the Website, such as the number of pages viewed, the time spent on a page, on which page visitors have left the Website;

• How often do you return to our Website;

• Technology used by visitors (for example, browser, operating system, device, etc.).

To learn more about cookies in general and how to manage cookies, please visit


We can make changes to this Policy from time to time. Changes to this Policy will take effect when the Revised Policy is published on the Website. If you use our Website or our services after the changes, this will be understood as your acceptance of the updated Policy.

Learn more about the clauses regarding export personal data outside the European Union

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