Red Bubble Tea

Healthy warm beverage

Red Bubble Tea is a fast-dissolving healthy 2-in-1 drink. Created from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis, mixed with red yeast. Camellia Sinensis is a bushy plant - white tea. It dilutes blood, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, protects the heart and has a beneficial effect on blood circulation in general.
Red Bubble is a unique combination of white tea, yeast of red rice and non-milky cream. This combination is a natural killer of bacteria and viruses. Antioxidants in red bubble tea strengthen the entire immune system and provide protection against a number of different viruses. It also helps protect the body against colds and flu, helps reduce cellulite, reduces stress and increases energy.
This tea is a great gift for people who love tea and appreciate the benefits of drinking it. It has a light, refreshing flavour, and the combination of red rice yeast makes it incredibly useful.

Key characteristics
  • powerful Immunostimulant with antibacterial properties;

  • lowers cholesterol levels;

  • acts exceptionally well on the skin - refreshes it;

  • helps to eliminate cellulite and reduce the circumference of the hips and thighs

  • slows the aging process;

  • preventive action against arthritis and wrinkles;

  • stimulates mental activity;

  • reduces physical fatigue;

  • increases concentration.


Ingredients: Nonfat cream, sugar, soluble powdered tea, tricalcium phosphate (anti-thickening agent), red yeast, red beet powder.

Packaging: 20 sachets in a box

Way of use: Dissolve one sachet in 140 ml. hot water and stir. Consume with pleasure!

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